This Is What I Said

As Jules and I spent our last two months in South America making our way up from the Peruvian Amazon to the northernmost tip of Colombia, we began to collect memory cards full of photos and videos. Most of the photos are still sitting on my computer waiting to be sorted and the videos have began gathering hypothetical dust in IMovie. So I finally decided to do something with them. Nothing professional or particularly noteworthy, but at the very least a sort of highlight reel of our time in Colombia. Enjoy!

PS- please ignore the mushy, lovey undertones. This doubled as a very belated Christmas present to Jules!



3 thoughts on “This Is What I Said

  1. Jamie Hoffman says:

    Christine and Jules, Bravo, keep on truckin!!!! I loved it Aunt Jamie

  2. Gigi says:

    I love it! I’m going to watch it again and comment more. lulu

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