Negro y Blanco

Mexico is well known for its vibrant colors. Iconic reds, greens and yellows that seem to pop out from every direction. A moving canvas of colors splattered across people, food and landscapes. But as much as Mexico waves these colors proudly, it also has a quiet, pensive side that I think is best translated through black and white.







One thought on “Negro y Blanco

  1. Gigi says:

    I really love this “less is more” posting. Writers tend to write too much. I know that’s what they are suppose to do, write words, but sometimes us readers don’t want to wade through the muck to get to the point. We want to read the nut. Forget the bones, just write the nut. That happens to be the name of my new book” just write the nut” which, incidentally, I copyrighted just before I came up here, along with the visual of the statue of liberty giving the high five to a family of tourists who are in a circle, around a giant nut, staring at it as if reading.

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