In huanchaco for the week taking a little holiday from pisco. I was starting to get a little restless to see somewhere else in Peru and I really just needed a break from PSF. That’s not to say that I don’t absolutely love psf and admittedly miss it even while I’m kicking back in a hammock overlooking the beach, but since I work, sleep, eat and chill at the psf house round the clock, I needed a break. And huanchaco is pretty much what I was looking for. It’s not the picturesque white sandy beaches of the carribean, I mean I’m still in Peru, but it’s quiet, our hostel is right across from the beach and I can lay back on this giant hammock and do nothing all day. which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Little bit of reading, some writing, lots of movie watching and a handful of naps. I would feel guilty about this lazy lifestyle but I know when we get back to pisco well be right back into 6 days a week of hard work. Im glad I’m spending the majority of this trip volunteering, it makes me appreciate the luxury of travel and relaxation that I definitely took for granted on my last trip. Sending lots of love from Peruvian paradise!


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