Musings on Travel

I’ve been in bed for about 3 days. Knocked right off my feet by this winter’s first sore throat/ cough/ cold triple threat. Surrounded by an avalanche of used tissues and half a dozen empty mugs of tea I’ve spent most of the past few days sleeping and sifting through my instant queue on netflix. But after one too many Meg Ryan romantic comedies my mind started wandering. I began daydreaming about my adventures I’ve had traveling. Looking back my most epic, breath-stopping, holy-shit-i’m-alive moments have all been memories from the road. Standing under a 100 ft waterfall in the jungle in Mexico, the water beating down on your face and shoulders, the forceful energy of the water so terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I mean, there’s really nothing that can compare.

So as I lay here in bed- restless, bored and slightly buzzing off my dayquil, I began brainstorming my next trip. I scoured my favorite travel blogs & forums for inspiration. The best thing about the beginnings of planning a trip is that you can still go anywhere. The entire world is yours for the taking. Somewhere beachy and tropical perhaps? Thailand? Vietnam? Or maybe somewhere you can get lost in a bussling and lively souk? Morocco? Turkey? Go ahead. Indulge yourself. Adventure through the Brazilian Amazon or scale the Egyptian pyramids. You can worry about mosquitos & guards when you get there.

The difficult part about planning a trip is realizing just how much world there really is out there to explore. After studying abroad in Europe and backpacking through Central America earlier this year I thought I had made a dent in my bucket list of countries. But one quick trip to the lonely planet site reminds me that there’s whole continents full of cultures I haven’t experienced, food that hasn’t hit my tastebuds, music I haven’t danced to and so many types of people I haven’t met. But then I remind myself that I’m young and that for better or worse, traveling is in my blood and somehow I’ll find a way to see the world.


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