On the Road

This Labor Day my parents and I decided to go on a good old fashioned road trip. As a kid I loved the spontaneity of jumping in the car, choosing a direction and anticipating what kind of adventures awaited us. This weekend we’ve decided to head south along the coast, fighting through the fog & marine layer to the sleepy little beach towns along highway 1 . I have a tendency to overpack for short trips like these (hey, why not just throw half my wardrobe in the trunk?) but I have discovered that I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to the road trip essentials I keep by my side in the car.  For this  trip that includes:

1) Book I’ve been trying to finish forever but can’t seem to get around to, ie. ON THE ROAD.
2) Journal for writing/drawing
3) Camera (this is one of 6 brought on the trip)
4) Sour Gummy Worms (or equally delicious road trip snack)
5) Headphones + Music Player (along with several meticulously crafted road trip playlists)

What are your Road Trip essentials?


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